Publication: Sedimentology

Sortie du papier portant sur les critères de différenciation entre le dépôts sous-glaciaires et les dépôts proglaciaires.

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Ravier, E., Buoncristiani, JF., Clerc, S., Guiraud, M., Menzies, J., Portier, E. (2014), Sedimentological and deformational criteria for discriminating subglaciofluvial deposits from subaqueous ice-contact fan deposits: A Pleistocene example (Ireland). Sedimentology. doi: 10.1111/sed.12111




Le 05/08/2011

Sortie d’un article sur les grandes extensions glaciaires dans les Alpes et le Jura.

Buoncristiani JF and Campy M. Quaternary Glaciations in the French Alps and Jura. In J. Ehlers, P.L. Gibbard and P.D. Hughes, editors: Developments in Quaternary Science, Vol. 15, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011, pp. 117-126.

Abstract : During last glacial maximum, the pre-existing relief of the Alps and the Jura mountains controlled glacier development. The Jura massive morphology, only slightly dissected by valleys, resulted in a wide ice-sheet; and this situation contrasts with the Alps where numerous deep valleys were filled by big glaciers.

Key word : Alps, Jura, Ice sheet, valley glacier, relief

Developments in Quaternary Science, Vol. 15