Wiley Award winner for the best paper published in ESPL 2015:

guillon et la 2015


Notre article : « Improved discrimination of subglacial and periglacial erosion using 10Be concentration measurements in subglacial and supraglacial sediment load of the Bossons glacier (Mont Blanc massif, France) » à été selectionné par l’éditeur de Earth Surface Processes and Landforms en 2016 et à gagné le prix du meilleur article publié en 2015

The citation provided by Cheif Editor Stuart Lane read: “In a year where it was difficult to decide between four outstanding papers, from across the spectrum of geomorphology, the paper by Guillon et al. stood out because of the way in which it combined thoughtful field data collection, careful and rigorous experimental design, and insightful analysis to address a question of longstanding importance: what is the relative importance of subglacial and periglacial erosion in high mountain basins.”